Envy Pool Builders of Las Vegas Shares Most Common Shapes of Swimming Pools

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of country’s warmest locations year-round, which is why so many people look to swimming pools as a way to stay cool outside. Instead of using public pools, many local homeowners choose to install their own pools in their backyards. ENVY, a Las Vegas pool construction company, offers gorgeous residential pool designs for residents of Clark County and has provided a list of the most common pool shapes :

  1. Oval Pools – One of the more simple swimming pool designs is an oval. When homeowners install an oval pool, it’s often small and sometimes contains an attached hot-tub or spa addition. Some construction companies offer additional features like waterfalls to boost its aesthetic appeal.
  2. Rectangle Pools – Another basic option is a rectangular pool. Surprisingly, this swimming pool shape is the one that most Las Vegas residents choose. The standard pool size is just under 25 yards in length, leaving plenty of room for someone who wants to swim a few laps or enjoy jumping around in the water with kids.
  3. Freeform Pools – Creative people love to install free form pools. There is no set shape, so you can design anything you want. This style of swimming pool is most often built in backyards that have a lot of space. They often come at a steeper price point because of the custom nature of the construction.
  4. Infinity Pools – The second most popular swimming pool is an infinity-style pool. Water runs over the edge of the pool, dropping into a catch basin below. From inside the pool, it creates an illusion that the pool doesn’t end; it appears to merge with the horizon. This pool shape is often expensive because of the complexity and time to build.
  5. Circle Pool – Circular pools are the final shape on the list. This is an affordable design that’s easy to build and easy to clean. People using this particular pool shape often use pool cleaning robots to vacuum the dirt off the floor.

If you’re considering installing a swimming pool, there are many different pool shapes to pick from, such as circular, oval, infinity, free form, rectangular pools, and more. After deciding on a shape, you should consider the material it’s built with and how that fits into your budget.

Albany Concrete Contractors Shares Most Common Concrete Projects Locally

Most residential properties in Albany, New York have some form of concrete work.  Sometimes, it’s a concrete walkway from the driveway to the front door.  Other times, it’s a concrete patio in the backyard so people can relax on some chairs and grill on the barbecue.  Today’s article comes from the Capital District’s very own Albany Concrete Contractors, the leading provider of concrete services in the local area.  James Klask, one of their team leaders, describes the most common concrete projects for residential and commercial properties.

Project #1 – Concrete Walkways

The most common project we see in Albany is concrete walkways.  Nearly every residential household in Albany County has some sort of pathway from the side of their driveway to the front door of the house.  Occasionally, this pathway is made from stone, set a few feet apart from one another.  However, most of the time, the path is made from concrete.  We get calls every day from homeowners who have cracks in their concrete walkway that need fixing.  We build new concrete walkways as well, but those calls are slightly less frequent because it means the homeowner is looking to either install something brand new for a newly built house, or they want to replace the old walkway with a new material.  Regarding the latter, people commonly switch from pavers to concrete or vice versa.

Project #2 – Concrete Pool Decks

 Albany’s median income is around $68,000, which is enough to allow homeowners to build a pool.  The 2nd most common project we handle is concrete pool deck installation and repair.  Based on local regulations, when a pool is built, there must be a fence around it.  Instead of fencing in grass, homeowners tend to have concrete pool decks installed.  A concrete deck with a Kool Deck surface allows people to have something that’s nice to look at and safe to walk on.  We provide pool deck repair as well to fix cracks and shifting slabs.  Occasionally, residents request pool deck refinishing to change the surface layer of the concrete to something that doesn’t absorb as much heat or to get a fresh look.

Project #3 – Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways are not very common in Albany because most people opt for asphalt.  However, we do offer concrete driveway repair and installation as needed.  It’s more expensive per square foot, but it provides added durability and is less likely to develop potholes.  Concrete driveways are most often seen on commercial properties like malls or doctor’s offices due to the higher average cost.

Project #4 – Stamped Concrete Pavers

Stamped concrete pavers are a popular choice for walkways, driveways, and pool decks.  These versatile brick-shaped concrete slabs can match any home because they come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.  Stamped concrete allows for an endless number of patterns and styles that can mimic the appearance of concrete work of other countries if you wanted it to.  Looking for a cobblestone sidewalk? It’s possible stamped concrete pavers.

3 Most Common Problems in Residential Boiler Repair

Most homes in Queens, New York have traditional gas boilers which last anywhere from 10 to 15 years on average.  You may recognize some of the more common boiler brands like American Standard, Bosch, Westinghouse, or Lennox.  Some boilers are used by homeowners to provide residential heating, while others are used to heat water for cooking or a shower.  Today’s article comes from a top heating contractor who provides Queens boiler repair and installation as needed in the borough.  As one of NYC’s leading experts in boiler repair and replacement, Tom shares his advice on the most common boiler problems and what needs to be fixed.

Problem #1 – There is hot water, but no central heating

If your boiler is producing hot water but there is no central heating for your home, a boiler component is probably broken.  The problem could be stemming from a damaged diverter valve.  This valve switches the functioning of the boiler between central heating and other elements like hot water for the shower. The other potential reason there’s no central heating is the settings on the boiler.  The wrong setting could cause it to simply not turn on.

Problem #2 – The boiler is leaking

If the boiler Is leaking, it’s best to call a local boiler specialist right away to inspect it, especially if it’s a gas boiler.  Leaks are often a result of a broken seal, corrosion, or a damaged pressure valve.  In either scenario, it’s dangerous to continue using the unit without having it repaired. 

If a pressure valve is not working, it may indicate that the boiler pressure is too high.  In this case, the valve should be replaced, and the pressure should then be monitored.  If you notice leaking near pipes, it’s possible that it was caused by corrosion.  With prolonged exposure to water, pipes do eventually wear down.

Problem #3 – The boiler is making weird noises

When the boiler makes strange noises, it’s called kettling.  Kettling often occurs when sludge builds up on the boiler heat exchanger, thereby preventing some of the water flow.  If the intended amount of water can’t get through, the boiler starts to shake and make noise.  As with a leak, this type of problem requires immediate assistance from a qualified boiler service.  Leaving the issue unattended will damage the boiler and shorten its lifespan.

Most boiler breakdowns occur during the winter when they haven’t been used for a while and all of sudden are required 24/7. If you own a home or business in Queens, NY and you’re experiencing problems with your boiler, don’t wait to call someone. Contact a boiler repair company right away to get an inspection. It’s a small price to pay to avoid damaging the unit and paying large replacement costs.

What Can You Do With Deck Landings?

When you think of pleasant summer evenings, nothing quite beats enjoying some sweet tea while watching the world pass by from the comfort of an outdoor deck. This is pretty much a way of life in the Southern states. Through the years, the concept of having an outdoor deck has spread far and wide.

Having a deck adds a certain hint of romanticism to a home. But it’s also a pretty clever. When you have an outdoor living space, it is lauded often a wise decision. It provides extra room for family and guests for a lot of different occasions or happenings. You can hold little gatherings, meeting, or even space for people to have place to sit when eating. Also, need we remind you that a lot of our favorite exchanges that happened between characters in novels, movies, and TV shows always seem to happen on an outdoor deck?

Since it’s a given that a deck will receive a lot of usage and traffic, it’s important that it’s cared for properly. The materials you choose to go in it should be sturdy. The constant favorites are wood and concrete— and why shouldn’t they be? They’re fairly easy to install and they look really good. However, in order to make your decks and deck landings really last, they need to be treated.

Luckily, there are a lot of different ways in which you can treat your deck and make sure your investment lasts a long time.


Certain paints are now designed to coat specific surfaces making them resistant to weather shifts. Depending on the size of your deck, it may take more than one coat of paint to get the job done. Also, depending on the brand of paint you use, you may end up having to re-apply a new coat every year or so.

Be warned that if you have furniture on your outdoor deck, the paint may get scraped off. Certain paint colors and textures also may not clean over so well as time passes.


Homeowners who want to keep the original color or look of their decks can choose to apply a sort of sealant to cover the entirety of the surface of their decks. While it isn’t advisable to do the application yourself, it can be done.

There are sealants available in the market today that can last a long time. However, with exposure to weather and varying temperatures, the sealant can come off sooner than intended.


Yep, you read that right. An easy to apply and notably durable material has been introduced to the secure surface industry and has changed the market ever since. While rubberized surfaces were the norm for pool decks, outdoor basketball courts, and walkways, several improvements in the recent years has allowed this material to be tailored for decks and deck landings.  

Sprucing Up Your Driveway Flooring

The driveway is a pretty important part of building your home’s outer aesthetic. It’s often the first thing visitors see when they visit. It is also largely responsible for the impression that visitors have on the outer aesthetic of your house.  Most of the time, homeowners dismiss it as something that’s simply a practical addition to a house. While it is, the often straight stretch of concrete can add years to the look of your home.

In order to avoid having your home look older than it should be, let’s discuss some ways you can spruce up your driveway.

Decorative plants

Making use of line of sight is one of the best ways to spruce up your driveway. When your driveway is left to just stretch out with not clear border, it gives the impression of dullness.

Captivate your guests’ eyes with clear and stylish borders for your driveway. You can make use of small plants to achieve this or even decorative stones to emphasize the plants. A good tips is that the more colorful, the better. However, it is to be noted that you can’t really go wrong with white blossoms. Ultimately, it will be entirely up to what color scheme you want to maintain.


When you create visible edges to your driveway, it helps keep the view neat and orderly. It also helps designate a clear separation for your lawn and your driveway. Have a clear edge can also help keep your lawn alive.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of accidentally driving unto some green grass because people honestly thought they were still on the driveway. Keep this issue from happening in your home by making use of clear and visible edges to your driveway flooring.


Your driveway doesn’t need to look like the runway of a club in order to make an impression. A few tasteful lights in the right places can really add to a driveway.

While some of you may worry that it may up your electrical bill, there are various types of installations now that can help save you money. Also, it’s a burglar deterrent. When the driveway adds illumination to a home, it’ll be pretty hard to sneak into it.

Choose a long-lasting treatment

The beauty of technological improvements is that it also includes upgrades for home improvements. There’s a poured in rubber mixture that bonds well with any material to create a durable and non-skid surface. An added bonus is that weeds can’t go through so you won’t have to worry about cracks on your driveway.