3 Most Common Problems in Residential Boiler Repair

Most homes in Queens, New York have traditional gas boilers which last anywhere from 10 to 15 years on average.  You may recognize some of the more common boiler brands like American Standard, Bosch, Westinghouse, or Lennox.  Some boilers are used by homeowners to provide residential heating, while others are used to heat water for cooking or a shower.  Today’s article comes from a top heating contractor who provides Queens boiler repair and installation as needed in the borough.  As one of NYC’s leading experts in boiler repair and replacement, Tom shares his advice on the most common boiler problems and what needs to be fixed.

Problem #1 – There is hot water, but no central heating

If your boiler is producing hot water but there is no central heating for your home, a boiler component is probably broken.  The problem could be stemming from a damaged diverter valve.  This valve switches the functioning of the boiler between central heating and other elements like hot water for the shower. The other potential reason there’s no central heating is the settings on the boiler.  The wrong setting could cause it to simply not turn on.

Problem #2 – The boiler is leaking

If the boiler Is leaking, it’s best to call a local boiler specialist right away to inspect it, especially if it’s a gas boiler.  Leaks are often a result of a broken seal, corrosion, or a damaged pressure valve.  In either scenario, it’s dangerous to continue using the unit without having it repaired. 

If a pressure valve is not working, it may indicate that the boiler pressure is too high.  In this case, the valve should be replaced, and the pressure should then be monitored.  If you notice leaking near pipes, it’s possible that it was caused by corrosion.  With prolonged exposure to water, pipes do eventually wear down.

Problem #3 – The boiler is making weird noises

When the boiler makes strange noises, it’s called kettling.  Kettling often occurs when sludge builds up on the boiler heat exchanger, thereby preventing some of the water flow.  If the intended amount of water can’t get through, the boiler starts to shake and make noise.  As with a leak, this type of problem requires immediate assistance from a qualified boiler service.  Leaving the issue unattended will damage the boiler and shorten its lifespan.

Most boiler breakdowns occur during the winter when they haven’t been used for a while and all of sudden are required 24/7. If you own a home or business in Queens, NY and you’re experiencing problems with your boiler, don’t wait to call someone. Contact a boiler repair company right away to get an inspection. It’s a small price to pay to avoid damaging the unit and paying large replacement costs.