Envy Pool Builders of Las Vegas Shares Most Common Shapes of Swimming Pools

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of country’s warmest locations year-round, which is why so many people look to swimming pools as a way to stay cool outside. Instead of using public pools, many local homeowners choose to install their own pools in their backyards. ENVY, a Las Vegas pool construction company, offers gorgeous residential pool designs for residents of Clark County and has provided a list of the most common pool shapes :

  1. Oval Pools – One of the more simple swimming pool designs is an oval. When homeowners install an oval pool, it’s often small and sometimes contains an attached hot-tub or spa addition. Some construction companies offer additional features like waterfalls to boost its aesthetic appeal.
  2. Rectangle Pools – Another basic option is a rectangular pool. Surprisingly, this swimming pool shape is the one that most Las Vegas residents choose. The standard pool size is just under 25 yards in length, leaving plenty of room for someone who wants to swim a few laps or enjoy jumping around in the water with kids.
  3. Freeform Pools – Creative people love to install free form pools. There is no set shape, so you can design anything you want. This style of swimming pool is most often built in backyards that have a lot of space. They often come at a steeper price point because of the custom nature of the construction.
  4. Infinity Pools – The second most popular swimming pool is an infinity-style pool. Water runs over the edge of the pool, dropping into a catch basin below. From inside the pool, it creates an illusion that the pool doesn’t end; it appears to merge with the horizon. This pool shape is often expensive because of the complexity and time to build.
  5. Circle Pool – Circular pools are the final shape on the list. This is an affordable design that’s easy to build and easy to clean. People using this particular pool shape often use pool cleaning robots to vacuum the dirt off the floor.

If you’re considering installing a swimming pool, there are many different pool shapes to pick from, such as circular, oval, infinity, free form, rectangular pools, and more. After deciding on a shape, you should consider the material it’s built with and how that fits into your budget.